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Day 3

Thursday 11th June

We woke up and had showers and tided dorms, then we had breakfast and after that we paked lunches and prepared for the day. Then we cleaned up from morning tea then we went to the flinders university and we got to see some students doing a challenge for them and we went to a dipartment that was in the flinders uniy then we had lunch and left the university then we went back to the. Campsite then we loded the bus up with the stuff that we brain to camp then we went back to school and we unpacked the bus so we can go home and see are. Parents and have a story to tell are parents and brothers and sisters.

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Day 1

Tuesday 9th June


We arrived at school and organize, bags to packed onto the bus we had a role call and left school then we arrived at st Kilda and eat recess then we went on a scavenger hunt. Identifiying simple michines in action and we had free time session at st kilda with in supervised duty groups then we left st kilda to go to warradale campsite we had to unpack. Are stuff that we brain to camp we went through the the rules and, expectations then we had lunch and a chance to explore the campsite, then we had the first sci world it was lights and lasers hands-on workshop then we had another sci world rocket science hands-on workshop then we had afternoon tea then weand outside games, then. We went to Pezza hut Marion for tea. Then return to the campsite for devotion then we played some quick games then we went to bed then at 9:00pm it was lights out.

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Day 2

Wednesday 10th June

We woke, up and had showers and tided up dorms then we had breakfast in muti-purpose room then we had free play at campsite and clean up from breakfast then the teacher, made us lunches for the day then we had morning tea at the. Campsite then we left the campsite to get on a train to the city for a tour of the Adelaide oval complex then we had a lunch break of the Torrens river then we went to bounce and. Had a 2 hour session then we had free time session, at bounce then we went back to the. Campsite and had tea then we had a movie then it was bed time and at 9:00pm it was lights out.

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